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Home > Product Catalogs > Piping Systems (Pipes, Valves,Fittings)

Pipes & Tubes, Cast Iron(1) Pipes & Tubes, Seamless Steel(5)
Pipes & Tubes, Welded Steel(1) Pipes & Tubes, Stainless Steel(9)
Pipes & Tubes, Copper(0) Pipes & Tubes, Aluminum(0)
Copper Parts of Plumbing System(0) Water Meters(5)
Pipes & Parts of Plumbing System(1) Flexible Hoses(4)
Bellows(0) Castings, Non-Cutting Off Water(Gas) Supply Pipe Sddle(0)
Water Meter Box(0) Pipes & Tubes, Spiral Welded(0)
Deluge Valve Alarm Check Valve For Fire-Fighting(0) Concrete Pipes, Pre-Forced(0)
High-Pressure Concrete Pipe Making Equipment(0) Pipes & Tubes, Ductile Cast Iron(3)
Special Pipes & Tubes(11) PE Coated Steel Pipes(3)
Cr- Mo Steel Pipes(0) Pipe Fittings(29)
Pipe Fittings, Cast Iron(0) Pipe Fittings, Malleable Cast Iron(0)
Pipe Fittings, Steel Flanged(2) Pipe Fittings, Steel Buttwelded(5)
Pipe Fittings, Cast Stainless Steel(1) Pipe Fittingds, Cast Bronze (Brass)(0)
Pipe Fittings, Ductile Cast Iron(9) Seamless Steel Buttwelding Pipe Fittings, Elbow(1)
Seamless Steel Buttwelding Pipe Fittings, T Type(3) Seamless Steel Buttwelding Pipe Fittings, Reduced Fittings(0)
Seamless Steel Buttwelding Pipe Fittings,Cap(0) Quick-Opening Fittings(0)
Flanges(13) Flanges, Cast Iron(0)
Flanges, Forged Steel(2) Flanges, Cast Stainless Steel(3)
Valves, Cast Brass(Bronze)(2) Valves, Cast Iron(3)
Valves, Cast Steel(9) Valves, Forged Steel(1)
Valves, Cast Stainless Steel(2) Water Taps (Facets)(1)
Faucets(6) Faucets, Cold And Hot Water(0)
Valves, Other(20) Valves, Cast Iron & Ductile Cast Iron(0)
Air Relief Valves, Cast Iton(0) Butterfly Valves, Cast Iron(13)
Check Valves, Cast Iron(14) Control Valves, Cast Iron(3)
Fire Hydrant,Cast Iron & Ductile Cast(2) Float Valves, Vast Iron(0)
Gate Valves, Cast Iron(10) Globe Valves, Cast Iron(5)
Plug Valves, Cast Iron(0) Reducing Valves, Cast Iron(1)
Safety Valves, Cast Iron(0) Sluice Valves, Cast Iron(0)
Steam Traps, Cast Iron(0) Strainers, Cast Iron(1)
Underground Fire Hydrant, Cast Iron(0) Auto-Control Valves, Cast Iron(4)
Pump-operatol Valves, Cast Iron(0) Water-Operated Valves, Cast Iron(0)
Ball Valves. Cast Iron(29) Roto Valves, Cast Iron(0)
Cocks(0) Valves, Ductile Cast Iron(0)
Globe Valves, Ductile Cast Iron(0) Steam Traps, Ductile Cast Iron(0)
Check Valves, Ductile Cast Iron(0) Fire Hydrant, Ductile Cast Iron(0)
Underground Fire Hydrant, Ductile Cast Iron(0) Air Release Valves, Dultile Cast Iron(0)
Butterfly Valves, Dultile Cast Iron(1) Resilient-Seated Gate Valves, Dultile Cast Iron(0)
Angle Velves(0) Valves, Cast Carbon Steel(1)
Gate Valves, Cast Carbon Steel(0) Globe Valves, Cast Carbon Steel(0)
Check Valves, Cast Carbon Steel(1) Ball Valves, Cast Carbon Steel(11)
Gate Valves, Cast Stainless Steel(0) Globe Valves, Cast Stainess Steel(0)
Check Valves, Cast Stainless Steel(0) Ball Valves, Cast Stainless Steel(8)
Strainers, Cast Stainless Steel(0) Butterfly Valves, Stainless Steel(0)
Valves, Cast Alloy Steel(0) Gate Valves, Cast Alloy Steel(0)
Globe Valves, Cast Alloy Steel(0) Check Valves, Cast Alloy Steel(0)
Valves, Forged Carbon Steel(1) Gate Valves, Forged Carbon Steel(4)
Globe Valves, Forged Carbon Steel(3) Check Valves, Forged Carbon Steel(3)
Valves, Forged Stainless Steel(0) Gate Valves, Forged Stainless Steel(0)
Globe Valves, Forged Stainless Steel(0) Check Valves, Forged Stainless Steel(0)
Valves, Forged Alloy Steel(0) Gate Valves, Forged Alloy Steel(0)
Globe Valves, Forged Alloy Steel(0) Check Valves, Forged Alloy Steel(0)
Valves, Forged Copper(0) Dust Collector Valves(0)
Ammonia Valves(0) Air Valves For Feeding Fish(0)
Valve Boxes(0) Underground Fire Hydrant Boxes(0)
Man ,Hand Hole Cover And Frames(0) Hand Hole Cover And Frames(0)
Trench Covers(0) Valve And Valve Box For Plumbing And Gas System(0)
Filter Pipes(0) Non-Cutting off Duilling Machine And Drill(0)
Contruction & Installation Of Piping System(0) Automatically System Design For Water Supply, Fire Flghting(1)

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