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Plastic Injection Molding Machine(97) Plastic Extruder(80)
Plastic Blow Molding Machines(34) Non-Woven Fabric Making Machines (Synthetic Leather, Cloth, Carpet Etc )(0)
Plastic Forming Machines(5) Expandable Polystyrene Molding Machine(0)
Acrylic Board Making Machines(0) Plastic Foam Making Machines(2)
Plastic Leather & Sheet , Film Calendering Machines(10) Plastic Laminating Machines(17)
Plastic Sheet Making Machines(16) Plastic Packing Tape Making Machines(1)
Adhesive Packing Tape Making Machines(1) Self Adhesive Tape Slitting And Rewinding Machine(0)
Soft & Rigid Plastic Pipe Making Machines(4) Plastic Straw Making Machines(6)
Plastic Shoe Making Machine(0) Flat Yarn Extrusion Line(8)
Plastic Bag Making Machine(38) PP. PE Woven Bag Circular Looms(4)
Inflation Tubular Film Making Machines(37) Plastic Bag Sealing & Cutting Machine(34)
Plastic Printing Machines(12) Soft & Rigid Plastic Pelletizing Machines(10)
Plastic Pelletizing Recycle Machines(13) Every Kind Of High Frequency Machinery For Plastic(0)
Mixers & Crushers For Plastic(44) Polyester Zipper Making Machines(0)
Plastic Moulds(0) Plastic Welding Machines(20)
Ultrasonic Machinery For Plastic(0) Polystyrene Sheet Making Machines(0)
Plastic Strapping Tape Making Machines(2) Plastic Leather Reproduction Equipment(0)
Transfer Moulding Machines For Plastic(0) Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machines(5)
Hot Plate Plastic Welder(2) Slitting And Extension Machine For PP/PE Flat Yarn(3)
Flexible Drinking Straw Auto Makin Machine(0) Cylindrical Edge Rolling Machine(1)
Plastic Crystallizing Machine(0) Plastic Injection-Blow Molding Machines(0)
Plastic Vacuum Forming Machines(6) Plastic Leather Auto-Cutting Machines(0)
Rewinding Machine And Tape Lathing Machine For Double-Side Tape, Foam Tape, PVC Tape(0) Coating Machines(6)
Film Coating Machine(0) PET Stretch-Blow Molding Machine(14)
Electrical Injection Molding Machine (0) Plastic Heat-Sealing And Slitting(0)
EVA Making Machines(1) Splitting Machines For EVA(0)
Automatic EVA Injection Moulding Machine(0) Hydraulic Transfer Moulding Machines Two-Colors(1)
Plastic Injection Molding Machines, Computer Controll(4) Plastic Injection Molding Machines, Vertical(2)
Plastic Injection Molding Machines,Pet Preform(0) Plastic Injection Molding Machines,Gas Assisted(0)
BMC Professed Injection Molding Machine(0) Machines For Bakelites Ureas & Melamines(0)
Extrusion Machines, PVC Profile(7) Water-Cooled Type Pvc Pelletizer(2)
PVC Reinforced Hose Making Machine(1) PVC Rigid Pipe Making Machine(6)
Waste Plastic Recycling Making Machine(9) Co-Extrusion(0)
Toothbrush Making Machines(5) Automatic Toothbrush Tufting Machines, Two-Color Type(7)
Automatic 3-Colour Toothbrush Tufting Machine(1) Semi-Auto Toothbrush Bristle Trimming Machines(2)
Automatic Toothbrush Bristle Trimming & End-Rounding M/C(3) Automatic Material Bristle Cutter & Separater M/C(1)
Automatic 2-Colour Toothbrush Tufting Trimming & End-Rounding Machine(0) Automatic 3-Colour Toothbrush Tufting Trimming &End-Rounding Machine(0)
Flocking Machines(0) Automatic Lead Frame Insert Molding Machines(0)
Plastic Corrugated Sheet Making Machines(5) Plastic Shoes Injection Molding Machine(5)
PVC Heat Shrinkable Film Making Machines(3) Magic-Seal Plastic Bag Making Machines(0)
Coating Plastic Wire Making Machines(0) Plastic Net Hand-Bag Making Machines(0)
Air Bubble Sheet Making Machines(6) PVC Window Blinder Extrusion Machines(1)
Wrapping Film Making Machines(0) PVC Shrinkage Tubular Film Making Machines(5)
PVC Window and Door Extrusion Machines(10) PVC Wall Board Working Machine(0)
Plastic File Holder Making Machine(2) (Dry/Wet)Laminating Process Machines(1)
High Frequency Melamine, Urea, Phenol Preheaters(0) High Frequency Plastic Welding Machines(2)
Plastic Particle Dryers, Silo Type(0) Plaster Two-Lane Perforating Machine(0)
Gauze Dressing Machine(0) Auto Winders For PVC Leather & Sheet (1)
First Aid Adhesive Plaster Manufacturing Machine(0) Corn Caps Plaster Manufacturing Machine(0)
Zinc Oxide Plaster Slitting Machine(0) Capsicum Plaster Perforating & Cutting Machine(0)
Plaster Packing Machine(0) Plaster Double-Sided Perforating Machine(2)
Surgical Mask Making Machine(10) Plastic Laminate Tube Filling & Ultrasonic Sealing Machine(0)
Drip Irrigation Tube Making Machine(2) Spin Welding Machine(0)
Vibration Plastic Welding Machine(0) Other Plastic Machines(Static Electricity Equipment)(2)
Parts Of Plastic Machinery(5) Cylinder & Screws For Plastic Machinery(10)
Embossing Roller(2)

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