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Food And Beverage Making Plants (3) Bakery / Confectionery Making Plants (24)
Biscuit Making Plants (1) Sugar Manufacturing Plants (0)
Candy Making Plants (0) Fruit (Vegetable) Juice Making Plants(1)
Sauce Making Plants (0) Edible Oil Refining Plants (0)
Fish Ball Making Plants (0) Refrigerating Whole Plant Equipment (0)
Ice Making Plants (0) Instant Noodle Making Plants(10)
Salt Washing And Refining Plants (0) Feed Mills (0)
Maltose ( Malt Sugar) Making Plants (0) Tapioca Starch Making Plants (0)
Ethyl Alcohol Making Plants (0) Fish-Meal Plants (0)
Meat Ball Making Plants ( Beef Ball)(0) Sodium Glutamate Making Plants (0)
Rice Mills Plant (1) Glucose Making Plants(0)
Shrimp Feed Plants (0) Tobacco Making Plants (0)
Wine Making Plants (0) Canned Food Making Plants (1)
Canned Mushroom Making Machine (4) Canned Asparagus Making Plants (0)
Canned Fish Making Plants (0) Canned Fruit Making Plants (0)
Fructose Making Plants (0) Chocolate Making Plants (4)
Chewing Gum Making Plants (0) Rice Noodle Making Plants (0)
SPA Water ( Carbonated Water ) Making Plants (0) Nuts Cracker Making Plants (0)
Eel Feedstuff Making Plant (0) Machinery And Equipment For Cement Plants (0)
Stone Crushing & Grinding Plants (0) Granite And Marble Processing Package Plant (0)
Lime-Powder Plants (0) Refractory Brick Making Plants (0)
Asphalt Making Plants (0) Carpentry Shops (0)
Plywood Making Plants (0) Enamelling Product Making Plants (0)
Wooden Products Making Plants (0) Carved Door Making Plants (0)
Louvre Window Making Plants (0) Rattan Furniture Making Plants (0)
Kiln Products Making Plants (0) Bamboo Products Making Plants (0)
Plywood Secondary Processing Plants (0) Concrete Batching & Mixing Plants (0)
Wooden Furniture Making Plants (0) Sawmill (0)
Wood Door Making Plants (0) Bamboo or Wood Chopsticks Making Plants (0)
Bamboo or Wood Tooth Pick Making Plants (0) Bamboo or Wood Meat Stick Making Plants (0)
Bamboo or Wood Curtain Making Plants(0) Bamboo or Wood Cotton Stick Making Plants (0)
Bamboo or Wood Incense Stick Making Plants (3) Bamboo Or Wood Mattress And Screen making Plants (0)
Basic Metal And Metal Products Making Plants (0) Steel Pipe And Tube Making Plants (12)
Colour Coating Steel Plants (0) Iron Fabric Shops (0)
Wire Nail And Barbed Wire Making Plants (0) Umbrella Hand Roofing Nail Making Plants(0)
Screw, Bolt & Nut Turn Key Plants (3) Can Making Plants (0)
Roller Chain Making Plants (0) Crown Cock Plants (0)
Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting Making Plants (0) Steel Drum Making Plants (0)
Machinery & Equipment For Foundry (0) Roll Forming Products Making Plants (0)
Steel Structures Project (0) Spring Coiling And Making Plants (9)
Whole-Plant Equipment For Precision Dewaxing Casting (0) Wire Drawing And Iron Wire Galvanizing Plants (2)
Steel Buttwelded Pipe Fittings (Elbow, Tee) Making Plants (0) Staninless Steel Wire Drawing And Annealing Plants (0)
Forging Hand Tools Plants (0) Automatic Staple And Brad Lnail Making Plants (0)
Auto Radiator Whole-Plant Equipment (0) Air Conditioning Condenser Whole-Plane Equipment (0)
Evaporator Whole-Plant Equipment (0) Water Well Drilling Project (0)
Drinking Water Treatment Plant (2) Crass Cube Making Plants (0)
Twisting Yarn & Dyeing Plants (0) Button Making Plants (5)
Shoes And Boots Making Plant (6) Weaving Cloth Making Plants (0)
Non Woven Textile Making Plants (3) Synthetic Leather Making Plants (12)
Velvet Making Plant (0) Mosquito Net Making Plant (0)
Agricultural Products Net Bag Making Plants (1) Fastener Tapes Making Plants (0)
Textile Dyeing & Finishing Making Plants (6) Lace Cloth Making Plant (0)
Bra Cup Making Machines (0) Shade Net Making Plant (0)
Construction Safety Net Making Plant (0) Paper And Paper Products Making Plants (0)
Paper Mill Plants (0) Kraft Paper Making Plants (0)
Cement Bag Making Plants (0) Corrugated Cardboard & Carton Making Plants (15)
Cleanex Paper Making Plants (0) Sanitary Napkin (Disposable Insert diaper) Making Plants (5)
Tissue Paper Making Plants (5) Paper Bag (Shopping Bag) Making Plants (2)
Wallpaper & Sponge Wallpaper Making Plants (0) Pulp Making Plants (0)
Cardboard Boxes/ Case Making Plants (0) Paper Egg Tray Making Plants (Fruittray, Plate Packing Pad, Flower Pot)(0)
Disposable Paper Ware Making Platns (0) Tissue Paper Making Plants (2)
Non-Carbon Paper Whole Plant Equipment (0) Poly Bag Whole Plant Equipment (0)
PVC Shrinkable Label Whole Plant Equipment (0) Ice Cream Spoon Making Plants (0)
Chemical Materials And Products Making Plants (0) Toilet/ Laundry Soap Making Plants (0)
Powder Mill Grinding Plants (0) Fertilizer Making Plants (0)
Equipment For Petro-Chemical Plants (0) Lub-Oil Refining Plants (27)
Sulfuric Acid Making Plants (0) Oxygen Gas Making Plants (0)
Deionization Equipment (0) Water Softening Equipment (0)
Tempered Glass Making Plants (0) Laminated Glass Making Plants (0)
Paint Making Plants (0) Plastic And Resin Making Plants (0)
Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) Making Plants(0) Polystyrene Making Plants(0)
Heat-Insulation Glass Fiber Making Plants(0) Medicine Tablets Making Plants(9)
Rubber And Plastic Products Making Plants(0) PVC Pipes & Fitting Making Plants(0)
Plastic Bottle Making Plants(1) Plastic Slippers & Shoes Making Plant(0)
Plastic (PE, PP, PVC ) Bag & Shopping Bag Making Plants(7) Plastic Cloth Making Plants(0)
PU / PVC Leather Making Plants(4) PU Foam Making Plants(0)
Adhesive Tape Making Plants(0) Disposable Plastic Container Making Plants(0)
Plastic Tile Making Plants(0) Plastic Packing Band Making Plants(0)
ABS Suitcase Making Plants(0) Rubber Plants(0)
Tire & Tube Making Plants(1) Free-Clean Meal-Ware Making Plants(0)
Plastic Container (Cup) Making Plants(0) Plastic Lighter Welding Machine And Integrated Equipment(0)
Plastic Injection Molding Production Line(0) Plastic Corrugated Sheet Making Plants(0)
Plastic Woven Bag Making Plants(3) Plastic Cordage Making Plants(0)
Plastic (ABS, PS, Acrylic, PVC) Sheet Making Plants(1) Plastic Carved Door, Plastic Windowfrane Making Plants(0)
Plastic Carpet Making Plants(0) Rubber V-Belt Making Plants(0)
Rubber Slippers, Rubber Raing Shoes Making Plant(0) Plastic File Making Plants(0)
Latex, Rubber, PVC Glove Making Plants(0) Rigid Clear Transparent Film Calender Plants(0)
Scouring Pads Making Plants(0) Sporting Ball Making Plants(0)
First Aid Adhesvie Plaster & Medicated Plasters Making Plant(0) The Design And Development Of Automatic Powder/Pellet/Liquid Conveying, Metering, Mixing And Packagin(1)
The Whole Plant Equipment For Tennis Ball(0) EVA Sponges Whole Plant(0)
EVA Rubber Whole Plant(0) EVA Slippers Making Plant(2)
Continuous Flocking Cloth / Sheet Making Plate(0) Toothbrush Making Plants(0)
Waste Plastic Recycling & Repelletizing Whole Plant(6) Lock Making Plants(0)
Tooth-Paste Tube Making Plants(0) Metal Stamping Automatic Production Line(2)
Extrusion Aluminum Product Plants(10) Aluminum Window & Door Assembly Plants(1)
Machinety & Equipment For Vacuum Metallizing(1) Copper Tubes (Rods) Making Plants(1)
Ferro-Allooy Iron Making Plants(0) Steel Making Plants(4)
Carpet & Car Carpet Making Plant(0) Electrical Machinery And Appliance Making Plants(7)
Motor Making Plants(0) Power Plants (0)
Refrigerator Assembly Plants(0) Battery Making Plants(0)
Storage Battery Making Plants(0) Electric Fan Assembly Plants(0)
Electric Cable & Wire Making Plants(13) Power System Project(0)
Fluorescent Lamp Making Plants(3) Automobile Bulb Making Plants(0)
Compact Energy Saving Fluorescent Lamp Lines(3) Decoration Lamp Manufacturing Lines(0)
Power Generating Plants(0) Electric Bulb Making Plants(1)
P.C. Board Making Plant(0) Transformer Making Plants(0)
Molded Case Circuit Breakers Making Placts(0) Magnetic Switch Making Plants(0)
Power Circuit Breakers Production Plants(0) Capacitor Production Plants(10)
Electrinic Product Turnkey Production System(8) Bicycle Assembly Plants(0)
Motorcycles Parts Making Plants(2) Bicycle And Motorcycle Wheel Rim making Plants(23)
Valves Making Plants(0) Pistons & Cylinder Valve Making Plants(0)
Optical Lense Production Plants(0) CCFL-Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp Manufacture Lines(0)
Automobile Factory Automation(0) Stationery Products Making Plants(13)
Chalk Making Plants(0) Gem Clip, Staple, Paper Pin Making Plants(0)
Envelopes Making Plants(1) Equipment For Gasoline Stations(0)
Kiddy Playgrounds Project(0) Heavy Vehicle/Ammunition & Accessory(0)
Telephone Systems(0) Swimming Pool Facilities(0)
Brush Making Plants(0) Whole Recovery Plants For Scrap Insulated Cable And Wire(0)
Tire Rubber And Plastic Recycling System(0) The Design And Manufacture Of Scrape Electrical Appliance Collecting,Treatment And Recycling System(0)
The Design And Manufacture Of Automatic Waste-Treament And Material Recovering-Recycle System(4) Export The Agriculture Power Cart And Parts To Factory Assembly Use (0)

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